86 Via Gradoli, Rome - 00189
Telephone: +39 06
Who We Are

Pre-school 4-5 years Elementary 6-10 years

Kendale is a small but dynamic school which provides a safe, supportive and caring environment where a dedicated staff guides children towards the acquisition of knowledge, skills and confidence, the necessary foundations for a life-long love of learning.

*English mother tongue teachers
*Class sizes 9-16
*Strong Italian language programme (preparation for 5th Grade Italian State examinations)
*Introductory French from the age of 7 years (2nd Grade)
*Emphasis on traditional values
*Creativity in music and art encouraged

Our Philosophy

Academic progress is, of course, of supreme importance and we at Kendale believe that is best achieved in a warm, caring and non-institutional atmosphere where feelings of security and self-confidence facilitate the learning process.
We believe it is important to strengthen the ties between family and community values with special emphasis on the value of respect for others as well as for oneself.
Kendale's happy family environment ensures that the child is never "lost in the crowd" but is nurtured emotionally and intellectually by a qualified and loving staff.

Parent-Teacher Co-operation
Parents are welcome to visit and observe at any time and their help and participation in school activities are always appreciated.


All classroom teachers are fully qualified and have English as their mother tongue.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated. They are skilled in devising a variety of stimulating and carefully prepared approaches to the many topics and activities which comprise the curriculum.

They understand the importance of encouraging the children's natural curiosity and of helping them to freely express their personalities within the framework of each assignment.