English: as well as being the language of instruction and teaching for the other subjects, an extensive oral, reading and writing programme is continued from the junior to the senior classes. Discussion, debate and reporting are daily essentials; each child receives a relevant reading text each night which progresses in levels throughout the year; a class library system is in place; the many writing genres are taught and practised, including a broad poetry programme.

Maths and Social Studies: The importance of maths in the curriculum is not to be understated and teachers have a wide array of resources at their disposal to ensure that the many strands of the maths curriculum are taught in a practical and accessible manner.

There is also an emphasis on science, geography and history in the curriculum, with many science experiments and practical lessons supporting theory and text work.

Italian: A specialised, qualified Italian teacher provides pupils with oral, reading and writing skills. She also prepares pupils in 5th grade for the Italian state exams if they choose to attend an Italian middle school.

Physical Education: A specialised teacher offers P.E. classes twice a week that explore the many strands of the P.E. curriculum.

French: pupils from 2nd to 5th grade are also provided with the opportunity to learn oral French twice a week with a specialised and qualified French teacher.

SPHE: Kendale International believes the Social Personal and Health Education programme to be an essential element in the development of all pupils, and it is implemented by teachers across the school on a daily basis.