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Children who frequent international schools today are the international citizens and potential leaders of tomorrow. It is therefore essential for these children to gain the linguistic freedom that leads to insight and flexibility in the understanding of other cultures. To meet this need, Kendale, in addition to its strong English programme, provides a comprehensive course in Italian language and also offers an introductory French language course for children of 7 years and over. Reading and writing in English are begun at about age 5.


The mathematics programme not only includes thorough training in basic skills, but encourages flexibility of thought and the openness to different approaches in problem-solving situations. Investigation and deduction as well as the application of mathematical concepts to practical experience are strongly emphasised.


Social Studies and Science

History, Geography and Science are treated as exploration and discovery subjects with as much integration across the curriculum as possible. For the 8 - 10 year old children the focus in history is on Mediterranean studies.

Field Trips

Much use is made of Rome's rich cultural environment, museums, historical monuments, art galleries, etc. Every year, as an extension of their Social Studies programme, the 9 and 10 year olds go on a trip either to Greece or to Florence.

Music and Movement

At Kendale each child is guided towards developing a close, personal relationship to music. The programme is based on the Delcroze method which develops each child's innate musicality and creativity through spontaneous and active participation. The programme includes singing, folk dancing, rhythmic and creative movement as well as technique and improvisation with percussion instruments.


Art and handwork are an important part of the curriculum. The programme includes free expression and experimentation as well as the introduction of new techniques.

Art Week

An exclusive feature of Kendale School. For one week children of 7 years and older lay aside their regular programme and immerse themselves in art and handwork activities. Parents and teachers co-operate in setting up various centres and workshops and the children are free to organize their own time as they carry through the projects of their choice.