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News and Communications


New students

Health cards, birth and vaccination certificates should be completed and handed in to the office before the end of September.

Returning students

Parents are asked to make sure that office health records are up-to-date. (Vaccinations, illnesses, etc.)

Medical certificates

Medical certificates must be provided after 3 days absence.


Written reports on each students' progress are issued twice a year. A parent-teacher conference is scheduled for the first report presentation and it is also possible to arrange for interim meetings as well as a conference for the second reporting session.


Appointments may be made through the office when you wish to speak with your child?s teacher. Messages may be left with the secretaries who will pass them on as soon as possible.


A parent-teacher evening is held near the beginning of the year. The theme of the evening is the presentation of individual class programmes. On this occasion, a short talk is given by the Principal on a relevant topic. A parent committee is formed each year to organize and run the May Fair.


A newsletter containing student drawings, poems and stories as well as information on school activities is sent out once a term. Parents are cordially invited to contribute to the newsletter.