Afternoon activities will begin on Monday 25th September 2023 from 3:45pm and we will be following the school calendar. All sessions will last 1 hour (with the exception of Extra Italian for 5th Graders, which will last 1h30min.)

Please note that fees vary depending on each activity and so does the minimum number of students required for each activity to begin. Fees for each activity must be paid monthly to the school office. Fees are not refundable in the case of absences.


Art – In our Art Club we will build artistic confidence, skills and curiosity. Besides working on our artistic skills and letting our creativity run its course, we will also learn some facts about the history of art. Time management is also a very important skill that we will work on as we aim to complete our artworks in time. With the help of extra interesting materials brought from home, we will work on both group and personal projects.

Homework Supervision – The children will do their written homework as laid out by their classroom teacher. They will be free to seek help and advice from their supervisor. They will also be assisted with their reading assignments.

Chinese – Through the course students will learn to introduce themselves, to talk about their interests and daily life. They will also be able to interact in a simple way and write and recognize the basic Mandarin characters. By the end of the course students will be able to sit the YCT Level 1.

Extra Italian 5th Grade – The Italian language course provides for the study and deepening of various disciplines such as: history, geography, science and math through the use of a “sussidiario”. From time to time an oral analysis of the parts of speech will be consolidated in an extension of class work. The main goal of the course is to increase oral quality so that the students will be more confident at the time of the exam.

Football and athletic activities – The period will be divided into 2 sections. The first section will be devoted to games and activities designed both for fun and for the strengthening of muscles, speed and endurance. The second will be utilised for mini soccer competitions.