Tuition Fees include:

• Mid-morning snack of juice and biscuits.
• Lunch.
• Library services, texts and workbooks, stationery and materials.
• Italian instruction at all levels.
• Music.
• Gymnastics.

Attendance is conditional upon payment of all fees due.

When 2 or more children from the same family attend Kendale at the same time there is a yearly discount of € 850,00 for the second child and € 1.000,00 for a third child. Fees are prorated after 30th September. There will be a fine of 5% for fees that are not paid within the due date.

If a child is to be withdrawn from Kendale during the school year, three months’ written notice is required.
If this notice is not received, it is expected that the fees covering that period will be paid.
There is no discount for long absences.


€ 2.700,00 for the first child per year.
€ 2.350,00 for the second child per year.
€ 1.700,00 one way only per year for the first child.
€ 1.500,00 one way only per year for the second child.