Art Week at Kendale was introduced in the early 80’s. It followed on a programme in which Friday mornings were devoted to creative construction activities using stray bits of materials and scraps which the children brought from home. Their enthusiasm, together with the quality of much of their work, led to the idea of a week of art when there would be time for investigation and development of ideas/concepts.
Apart from the fact that the children are introduced to many techniques (including sewing and knitting) which would be almost impossible to incorporate into the school programme on a regular basis, our main emphasis has come to be on the values represented in our Art Week mantra COOPERATION, ORGANIZATION, RESPONSIBILITY, CREATIVITY, RESPECT, FREE CHOICE, CLEAN UP, FINISH, ENJOY, which the children chant twice each day with enjoyment.
The presence and collaboration of parents in a practical way has contributed to the overall feelings of family and community which are one of the many strengths of Kendale. Ex- students always mention Art Week as being one of their happiest memories.
At the end of an intensive week of hard work, the number of finished products is often astounding and the children view their display with justifiable pride. Only very rarely does an individual fail to fulfil the necessary accompanying homework assignments so that a sense of responsibility is added to that of satisfaction in a job well done.